Customized Purchasing and Notary Support

NNA Trusted Notary

The National Notary Association provides a single-source solution that lets companies easily manage their Notary-employees. Through our executive consultants, Notary Tracker™ management and Notary Hotline, the Trusted Notary program provides the resources your organization needs to comply with state laws and accepted standards of practice.

Centralized Supply Purchasing

Notary Supplies

Makes ordering supplies for your organization's Notaries simple and trouble-free

  • Preapproved custom packages ensure your Notary-employees have what they need to comply with state laws and company policies.
  • Makes sure your Notary-employees receive the bonds, training, seals and supplies you authorize and nothing more.

NotaryTracker™ - Online Notary Employment Management


The online management system that puts your organization in control of your Notaries by helping you ensure they are qualified and trained.

  • An easy-to-use system to track your employees' commissions and training.
  • Identifies all Notaries in your organization with active commissions.
  • Provides vital commission expiration information to help you prevent costly lapses.
  • Delivers important third-party reporting critical to compliance departments.

NNA Executive Consultants

NNA Executive Consultants

Our experts create Notary training, policies and oversight programs for the nation's largest employers of Notaries — currently servicing nearly 70% of Fortune 100 Financial Institutions.

  • Helps you comply with state laws, regulations and best practices that reduce risk.
  • Custom-designed Notary compliance solutions built specifically for your organization.
  • Proven ready-to-go programs requiring little modification to fit to your needs.

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