Employer Services Program

Simplified Applications and Renewals —
Training, Bonds, Seals and Other Needs

Single-source convenience to help you commission, train and equip your Notary employees. The NNA Employer Service Support Program takes charge of the complex requirements and time-consuming process. Your employees simply request to become or renew as a Notary, and we guide them step-by-step until they receive their state commission.

You'll ensure your Notaries fulfill state requirements for training, application fees, bonds, seals, journal and other needs.

Application Assistance
Clear, comprehensive instructions guide your employees through the commission process.

State-Required Training
We provide mandatory state education programs for most locales and best practices training that prepares employees to follow state laws and prevent mistakes that create liability for your organization.

Bond, Official Seal and Journal
Requirements to equip your Notaries vary widely from state to state. We provide the expertise to help you select the supplies they need to comply with state laws and sound practices that manage risk.

Manage your Notaries, their commission status, their compliance with bond and training requirements, and their purchases.

Notary Hotline Support
Our help desk supplies immediate answers your Notaries' questions. This invaluable resource gives your Notaries confidence to handle any notarization request and can avert costly mistakes before they happen.

Monthly Billing
Qualifying accounts enjoy the convenience of monthly statements for all services.